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Allgemeiner Katalog
La Bambouseraie, Prafrance, Anduze, France, Ausgabe 2000


Bamboo Abstracts
Vol 1,  No. 2
No. 880151 - 880301 Bamboo Information Centre, Chinese Academy of Forestry, 1988, ISSN 1001-585X


Bamboo Abstracts
Vol 2,  No. 2
No. 890151 - 890300 Bamboo Information Centre, Chinese Academy of Forestry, 1988, ISSN 1001-585X


Bamboo – a guide to the plant and its cultivation on the British Isles
European Bamboo Society, Oxford, 2. edition 1998, ISBN 0-9527836-1-4


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In der Welt des Bambus

Palmengarten der Stadt Frankfurt am Main, 1997, ISBN 3-931621-01-4


The Indian Forrester - Bamboo Special I

Vol 114, No. 9, September 1988, FRI, Dehra Dun


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Fundamentals of the Design of Bamboo Structures
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 1993, ISBN 90-6814-524-X extra3/proefschrift/ PRF9B/9303473.pdf


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Taxonomy of Bamboos
APC Publications Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 1997, ISBN 81-86580-29-8


Michael Bell
The Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos
David & Charles, Newton Abbot, 2000; Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, ISBN 0-88192-570-5


Nadia  Bystriakova, Valerie Kapos, Igor Lysenko
Bamboo Biodiversity,
Afrika, Madagascar and The Americas
International Network for Bamboo and Rattan & UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Center, 2004, ISBN  92-807-2383-9


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Thirty Seven Bamboos Growing in India
Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun, 1990


Robert Bradshaw
Bamboos in Nepal - A Management Guide


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Les Bambusées
Lechevalier, Paris, 1913


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The Bamboos
Linnean Society Symposium Series No. 19, Academic Press 1997, ISBN 0-12-168555-1


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A Guide to Bamboos Grown in Britain
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IPGRI-APO, Singapore, 1996, ISBN 981-00-8302-5


Victor Cusack
Bamboo rediscovered
written and illustrated by Victor Cusack.
Trentham, Victoria : Earth Garden Books, 1997. - 95 S. : zahlr. Ill., graph. Darst.
An Earth Garden magazine publication, ISBN 0-9595889-8-1


Martin Crawford
Agroforestry Research Trust, U.K., 1997, ISBN 1-874275-32-7


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Bambus auswählen und pflegen 
Ulmer, Stuttgart, 2003, ISBN 3-8001-4195-7


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Bambous en France : index synonymique commenté des Bambusées et autres plantes à chaumes ligneux cultivées en France métropolitaine
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Bambus aus Baden-Baden
BambusCentrum Eberts, Baumschule Eberts, 2004


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Bambus in Haus und Garten
Gräfe und Unzer, München 1990, ISBN 3-7742-1838-2


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The Book of Bamboo
Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, CA, 1984, ISBN 0-87156-824-1, 0-87156-825-X (pbk.)


Jinhe Fu
The Competitive Strength of Moso Bamboo in the Natural Mixed Evergreen Broad-Leaved Forest of the Fujian Province, China
Cuvillier, Göttingen 2001, ISBN 3-89873-055-7

Siegfried Gaß (Hrsg.)
IL 31 Bambus
4. unveränd. Aufl. Stuttgart: Krämer, 2000


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Gräser und Bambusarten
(englische Originalausgabe: "Grasses and Bamboos"), Dorling Kindersley Limited, London, 2002, ISBN3-8310-0374-2


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Insect Pests of Bamboos in Asia - an illustrated manual
INBAR, Beijing/Eindhoven/New Delhi, 1998, ISBN 81-86247-23-8


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Bamboo in Building Structures
Thesis, Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven, 1981 extra3/proefschrift/ PRF3B/8104676.pdf


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Building With Bamboo - A Handbook
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Clonal Growth in the Giant Bamboo Phyllostachys pubescens
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Bamboos - Biology, Silvics, properties, utilization
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The anatomy of bamboo culms
Beijing [u.a.] : International Network for Bamboo and Rattan, 1998 (Technical Report / International Network for Bamboo and Rattan ; 18 )


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Growing Bamboo in Georgia
Cooperative Extension Service, The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences


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Manual de Construccion con Bambu
Auszug: La Unión de Piezas de Bambú


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Genera of bamboos native to the new world
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Bamboo for Gardens
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Bamboo and Rattan Genetic Resources and Use
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Priority Species of Bamboo and Rattan
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Bamboo, People and the Environment;
Proceedings of the 5th international Bamboo Workshop and the 4th International Bamboo Congress; Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 1995
Vol. 1, Propagation and Management
INBAR Technical Report No. 8
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Ramanatha Rao, A.N.Rao (editors)
Bamboo and Rattan Genetic Resources and Use
Proceedings of the Second INBAR-IPGRI Biodiversity, Genetic Resources and Conservation Working Group Meeting
November 28-30, 1995, JogJakarta, Indonesia, and Report on the workshop meeting on Rattan resources
and their development in Indonesia, April 26-29, 1995, Serpong, Indonesia
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Die wunderbare Welt des Bambus
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Grow Your Own House - Simón Vélez und die Bambusarchitektur
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Hardy Bamboos: Taming the Dragon
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Bamboo - The Amazing Grass
IPGRI and University of Malaya, Malaysia, 2004
Download the publication in PDF format


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Bamboos flora of Sichuan 
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